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Splashing Stainless

What is a backsplash?
It is a portion added, whether tiles, steel, ceramic or cement on the kitchen counter walls or sink to add some beauty and give an easier access for those areas in cleaning. You cannot avoid the splashing waters in washing, the excess frying oil while cooking and spilling some food while placing them on the counter; that when the job of the backsplash takes over.

Designing you backsplash is all about freedom, yet I suggest you use stainless steel backsplash. Stainless steel is a material that could stand too much heat, excessive cold and water splashes compare to other type of steel that rusts easily. Since you are going to place them in your kitchen and your primary concern is food, do not let those copper or rusting metal ruin your dish.

However you want it to be, it is also important that they come along with your design. Do not worry, stainless steel complements a lot of colors so you should not find a hard time adjusting those backsplashes with your kitchen theme. After all, fashion is comfort, so I would expect you, guys, to prefer safety than anything else. Pick up your tools! We have some ‘backsplashing’ to do. Good luck with your kitchen and save those walls from crumbs.