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Prevention is the best cure of all

Remember when your mom told you not to do something because she said it was dangerous? At that time, she was giving you the best cure for any danger: prevention. Preventing something from happening save you time, effort and all other factors that you would’ve lost.

Blackheads aren’t so severe or life-threatening, but it will save you a lot of “how to get rid of blackheads trouble if you avoid getting them in the first place.

So how do you do it?

Well hygiene is the number one solution here. Clean your face properly but don’t overdo it as well. Too much contact with harsh cleaning agents would irritate your skin and produce more oil. More oil equals to more blackheads. Try to stick with natural resources like baking soda or honey. Don’t use too much make-up all the time. Make-up has some harmful components that may damage your skin. Also clean your bed sheets and pillow cases regularly to remove the dead skin cells and oil that you left behind. Moisturize your face as frequently as possible to keep it healthy and prevent it from drying out. You would need to buy plenty of tissue paper to blot your oily face before they stick into your face and trap dirt in it.
This would not guarantee that you would be blackhead-free, but it was worth the shot right?