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power yoga

In the 90’s Power Yoga gained much popularity in United States of America. This form of exercise is inspired by Ashtanga and Vinyasa styles. The main factor hat distinguishes this form from the other forms is that it focuses more on flexibility and strength of the body. This is done by using spiritual, mental and physical elements of the human body. Unlike other forms, this form focuses on the body more than meditation and spirituality. Flexibility is the main focus and this form of exercise makes your body flexible and fit. If you to wish to have a flexible body, learn how power yoga helps you gain flexibility.

The key for me was how Prana power yoga’s beginner classes made me feel totally comfortable and not at all awkward. For many people getting into a new thing can be difficult and for most this is more than half the battle. Home workouts work well, and while some power yoga DVD’s do wonderful things, there is nothing like a real class at Prana power yoga. Their qualified instructors made me feel right at home from the first class. They even offer a class in Pilates power yoga, something I was vaguely familiar with.


Philly power yoga has an approach that is based in some forms on the Vinayasa style yoga. It also has details that have been transformed through American use. There are wonderful ways to use this technique for weight loss. Some people will even use Power Yoga to maintain their current weight. Understanding the benefits of this practice is the best way to incorporate it into your fitness schedule.