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Loans for entrepreneurs 2016 through crowdlending

Image result for entrepreneursAlthough in our country there is still a certain apprehension and fear of entrepreneurship, there are more and more brave people who embark on the adventure of creating their own business to become their own boss. The reasons why an entrepreneur decides to take this route can be very different: because you have come up with a brilliant business idea and see a great opportunity for the future, by vocation or simply because you take entrepreneurship through your veins and you are passionate about challenges.

The market is constantly evolving and developing, business models are changing and entrepreneurs are carrying out totally innovative business projects.

As new forms of entrepreneurship appear, new methods also emerge to finance such entrepreneurship. Alternative loans for companies through crowdlending are the best alternative to bank financing. P2P Lending loans are an alternative financing mode, as the name itself indicates, in which direct financing is made between companies-persons /); without banking intermediation.

What happens is that many times when you are looking for financing for entrepreneurs through a loan for entrepreneurs for crowdlending you can have several doubts about it. It is for this reason that we have decided to prepare this post in which we can resolve all those doubts to those interested in applying for a credit for an entrepreneur through MytripleA.



Infographic of entrepreneurial loans by crowdlending

To start you can take a look at the infographic where we explain in summary and schematic the entrepreneur loan for entrepreneurs that you can apply through MytripleA.


Préstamo para emprendedores infografía



What should I consider to access an entrepreneur loan in 2016?

What should I consider to access an entrepreneur loan in 2016?

To apply for an entrepreneurial loan with MytripleA guaranteed by a Reciprocal Guarantee Society (SGR) through which individuals can get guaranteed returns, the autonomous company or individual needs to meet a series of requirements:

  • Companies that do not have more than 2 years in the market will be considered entrepreneurship: If you want to access a loan for entrepreneurs you must take into account the period of activity of your business. If this period is longer than 2 years you can access to request a loan in the company or autonomous section; in which case it would not be a loan for entrepreneurs, so there would be a series of conditions different from those of companies that are granted an entrepreneurial loan.
  • Presentation of a guarantee to get the entrepreneur loan : To access entrepreneur loans in MytripleA, the entrepreneur may submit personal guarantees with a sufficient value to support and make the loan more consistent; these guarantees may also come from third parties as family members. For this type of loan applications for entrepreneurs, MytripleA will request the approval of an SGR or Reciprocal Guarantee Society. These companies guarantee in a more consistent way the operation before the investors that participate in the entrepreneur loan.
  • Present a good business plan : If the loan for entrepreneurs you request is to start your business project from scratch, you must present a business plan that is sufficiently consistent so that the Reciprocal Guarantee Society, if you are studying the project, can learn about it , analyze and assess the viability of the business idea. Remember that in this business plan it is important to sell yourself well, the more detailed, complete and elaborate it is, the easier it will be to be granted the opportunity to finance the project.


What benefits do I get if I apply for my loan for entrepreneurs through crowdlending?


  • Involves people : What better way to get known than by involving individuals in your new business project? Those who decide to seek their entrepreneurs loan will be because they have previously been interested in your project and this is a point in favor to start this new stage in the path of entrepreneurship, since you will have the support of people who have decided to lend their own money to carry forward your business idea in the form of business loans through crowdlending. Therefore, you will start from scratch with a large number of loyal customers.
  • Make yourself known : Once your application has been approved, it will be published in the market section of our website where both investors and other external parties will be able to see your project. We will also disseminate through our social networks so you will achieve an important disclosure. If, on the other hand, you want nobody to know which companies are being financed, you can create an anonymous profile to get your loan for entrepreneurs.
  • Early amortization : In MytripleA we do not put obstacles to the early amortization. If your business turns out to be working perfectly, even better than expected and you decide to cancel the loan in advance partially or totally, you can do so at no cost.
  • Possibility of reducing the interest rate: If with all this, you are still not satisfied, ATTENTION : anyone who wants to can lend your money at an interest rate below the maximum rate, with the possibility of reducing the final interest rate of your loan. Remember that promoting your loan for entrepreneurs, your family and friends may offer your money at a lower interest.
  • Without additional products. We only offer you the financing you need. Nothing more and nothing less than the best entrepreneurial loan.
  • All Online : In our day to day we use the internet to carry out a myriad of tasks: buy, inform, communicate, and now you can also request a loan to start from home and without traveling with MytripleA.


What other loans to entrepreneurs exist in 2016?

Image result for loansIn addition to the loan for entrepreneurs, you can apply for your loan for entrepreneurs with other platforms, and you can even compensate one type of financing with another. Keep reading to know how:

  • Loans to entrepreneurs ICO line 2016 : The ICO is the Official Credit Institute, ie a public bank under the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness that offers different lines of financing, one of these lines is exclusively for entrepreneurs.
  • Loan to entrepreneurs through a Participative Loan for the Creation of Companies for Young People of ENISA (National Innovation Company) which is a public company that actively participates in the financing of viable and innovative business projects.
  • Loans to entrepreneurs through their own banks, savings banks or their own foundations, such as the financing lines for entrepreneurs offered by the Bancaja Foundation, the Obra Social la Caixa or BBVA itself in its Plan for Entrepreneurs collaboration with eConta.