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Harbor Athletic

Harbor Athletic Club is a great facility with tons of great classes and a friendly atmosphere. Harbor has a very large gym on the main floor with tons of different equipment being machines or free-weights. The classes at harbor are one of kind and are a great workout as well as fun to. The upstairs has a wide variety of cardio equipment that is easy to use, if you’re not sure how to use equipment harbor’s staff is always ready to assist you with any questions you might have. There friendly staff is what brought me to become a member at harbor as they always greeting me as I walk in the door with a smile every time! If you have kids this is the place to bring them as there childcare that they offer is amazing with different activities they have to offer for children. Also Harbor has 4 pools so you don’t have to come at certain times to just swim without running into a swamp of people.
The Junior Varsity level is intended for those who display the potential of continued development into productive Varsity level performers. Although team membership varies according to the structure of each program, sophomores and freshman occupy the majority of roster positions. In certain situations some juniors and junior high school students may be included on a Junior Varsity roster.

The main gym is ok, but the complex has been pieced together over time. It is a long and convoluted hike from the downstairs locker rooms to the machines upstairs. The decor is very outdated, and kind of grungy. The main gym has a women’s only area but it is dark and has a blaring TV. The locker rooms are blah and claustrophobic. Gym rules are not watched all that well, Even though children are not allowed in the spas, parents drop them off there and no one kicks the lone kids out.